The Dragon Boat Road to Ravenna 2014 (+video)

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Komodo Paddle Club are off to Ravenna, Italy in 2014 and this season is shaping up to the most challenging journey our little club has embarked on.

In 2012, our incredible girls stormed the Club Crew World Championship (CCWC) in Hong Kong winning two medals and announcing Komodo to the dragon boat world.

This season, we have qualified our women again in the 20 prems and 10’s masters and Coach Chicken has thrown out the opportunity for every Komodo to stake their claim and set sail for Ravenna in 2014.

Our AGM and annual schnitzel fest at the Canberra City Bowling Club marked a milestone for Komodo Paddle Club where a Club Crew World Championship (CCWC) has figured in the season plan for the very first time.

Keep an eye out for the season plan in the next week or so and you will have everything you need.

If Ravenna is too far away to think about, here’s a video from the folks at the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) just to whet your appetite……

 Did you know…..Where the CCWC dragon boat events have been held?

  • 2014: The ninth CCWC will be held in Ravenna, Italy
  • 2012: The eighth CCWC took place in Hong Kong, SAR, China
  • 2010: The seventh CCWC took place in Macau, SAR, China
  • 2008: The sixth CCWC took place in Penang, Malaysia
  • 2006: The fifth CCWC took place in Toronto, Ontario
  • 2004: The fourth CCWC took place in Capetown, South Africa, April 15-17
  • 2002: The third CCWC took place in Rome, Italy
  • 1998: The second CCWC took place in Wellington, New Zealand.
  • 1996: Canada proudly hosted the first Club Crew World Championships in Vancouver.

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