DBACT7: Sun, Sweat, Sweat and Sun by Special Reporter Beavs

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In a beautiful, calm morning for a hot day of racing, there was a sense of confidence, excitement for the paddlers of the Komodo club as the announcements of attendance for the National were given out earlier in the week.

The early message from the coaching staff was to focus on starts and the first 3 and 5 and up to set the tone for the day.

With this in mind, not sure what was hotter, the sun or the performance from the paddlers!!!

The days program began with the 2000m and in no time to wipe the brow was the 200m.

First up was the Women’s 2000m and oh my were the ladies in a hurry… with a excellent result and showing great technique throughout the race.

Followed by the Women’s was the Men’s, or what we like to call ourselves the ‘Frank ‘n’ Beans. A grunt of our first power stroke, the discipline, the whole crew giving their all, a solid performance to say at the least to build on in the race.
With a quick wipe down while congregating at the shadiest tree and plenty of guzzling of water was the opens crew 2000m event. Much to the delight of the coaching staff of specific instructions. All crews demonstrated a disciplined and gusty performance with improvements on the race to make any coach smile on such conditions. The mixed category of the 2000m crews gave everything, powered, splashed on the turns and even some paddlers were racing for the third time…Ouch!
The long races ended and the 200m began. First up the Women’s crew and with a sip, wipe and grunt the women were off with a solid start. At the middle section of the race, the ladies looked baked, but found their second wind and won by a half a boat length. Again a excellent demonstration of starts and technique for the women.
The Men’s crew was up next and with the enjoyment of shade and water were called in. A new focus point , added with discipline and a strong start, hip to paddle, saw the men completing the race in excellent fashion.
Credit to the culture of Komodo, as the heat rose higher, the smiles became bigger, or was griminess, not sure. As each of the mixed 200m crew races came around the paddlers were exhausted, but in true Komodo fashion found something else and performed well!!
Results, no matter, what was important was the improvement and execution of the main goals of the day.
A massive thank you goes out the DBACT, Komodo volunteers, coaching staff that assisted in the harsh conditions and the NSW clubs that made their way down to the capital and raced honorably. One last shout out to Sue for spraying us while waiting to race…. with water of course. Thank you.

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