DBACT3: Rowers, Bugs and a Brilliant Day by Special Reporter, Claire Patterson

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With sunny skies and calm water this regatta was destined to be a good one. Beginning the day with 2000m races was an excellent warm up for the following 200m sprints.

The Komodo women smashed though every metre of the 2000 with consistent power and snappy returns which got them first place.

The opens crew was equally as successful. The crew kept focus despite a rower cutting across the lane just meters ahead of them. Sweep Sarah scared the rower out of way while keeping control over the boat.

In the mixed category both Komodo Blue and White gave it their all and powered though even though for some this was their third consecutive 2000m race.

During the short break before 200m racing Kirra and Alix had their hands raised. Though rather than asking questions they were trialling a strategy to the swarms of bugs away from their heads. Since the method worked it proved quite…handy.

The Komodos are yet to train for 200m racing so coach Chicki set the club two goals- to improve with every race and have fun.

The women’s boat had explosive yet controlled starts which were a great foundation for the rest of the race. With great improvements in power and technique there were many smiles at the finish line.

The Komodo men (with the help of a few women) muscled their way through the 200m races. Paddlers overheard Sarah having a word with strokes Thommo and Frosty where they made plans to get everyone to “shhhnap” their returns. In the 200m final the crew’s returns were much snappier and they paddled together as one powerful unit.

By time the mixed 200m races came around the paddlers were pretty worn out but in true komodo spirit they gave it their all. This time around the results were not so great, but what was great were the grins on everyone’s faces and a very proud coaching team.

The rookies must be commended for their how well they adapted to 200m racing. By the end of the day it was difficult to tell which paddlers were rookies and which weren’t.

The official volunteers, people on set up and pack down duties, sunscreen, the Komodo committee and coaching team must all be thanked making the magnificent morning possible.

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