Thanks for taking time to visit our website. If you would like more information on Komodo and the exciting sport of Dragon Boat Racing, you can check out the FAQ’s, or simply hit the big blue button below and send us an email. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Email KomodoBest ways to track a social Komodo

  1. Email: Send an email to Ian ‘Smokey’ Dawson or the big blue button
  2. Facebook: visit the Komodo Facebook page (it’s also a cool place to see what the tribes been up to)
  3. Instagram: this is new but has lots of cool pics
  4. Twitter: we have an account @TeamKomodo but don’t know how it works or who looks at it.

Where do we paddle from?

Komodo train from the DBACT base, located beside the Canberra Yacht Club, Mariner PL, Yarralumla.