2016: Coach Chicki’s State of Komodo Address

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Komodo Coach Chicken

As I sit quietly in my room, tears streaming down my face with my black toenails, blistered oozing ass, chafed underarms, cracked lips, rib cartilage screaming, the tightest traps and over developed right side ever…..the biggest pain I feel is the pain of my heart squeezing with pride and love for the people of this club.

Every year Komodo caps its membership; vowing to make the journey about the people rather than the quest for medals.

Every year Komodo pole vaults over all expectations and shows time and time again that we have what so many can’t explain, what others strive for; heart. We have spirit, a brilliant culture and heart.

It comes from pure simplicity itself – we just dig paddling and dig paddling with mates.

The rest? That’s just trimmings.

Going into Nationals and Worlds we had one goal; one podium finish over any distance, any age, any category. Coming out of nationals who could ever ever dream we would be clutching 10 Gold, 8 Silver, 3 Bronze.

But you know what is worth more than all those shiny clanking medals to me? That we took 50 paddlers of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities – took them away from home for up to 17 days! And at the end? We are all still mates. We still dig paddling. And we still dig paddling with each other.

That is a rare gift Komodo and speaks to our club culture and all we do that is so so right.

To all of you in the club, paddlers, drummers, sweeps, those that reserved, those that cheered, the families who supported us – to all I say thank you. You are the beating heart of this club; and make us envied throughout the country.

I say thank you for your support and friendship, your training and hard work, your early mornings and trust of the plan.

I thank you for giving me such joy that my heart is squeezing out of my chest even now. I thank you for teaching me a lesson every single day – that heart is the most precious gift we have, and we have it in spades.

Cheers to us Komodo – the most successful nationals and worlds campaign ever, and cheers to the mates that just dig paddling, and dig paddling with each other.

That’s a wrap guys – celebrate, rest, ruminate and never ever forget how special every one of you is.

Coach Chicken out

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